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  • other camera portable

    is it worth looking at portable cam like this ....

    - still rather small
    - easy to modify
    - hardware quality is commensurate with action cameras
    -sufficient software side

    referensi please...

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    I belive the CMOS sensor inside this thing has 0.3 - 1.3MP real resolution.
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    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


    • petesimon
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      nasyiinhd - better to get an Elecam/Elephone Explorer REXSO for USD $27 from Geekybuying - link here
      or better to get a genuine Eken H9 for USD $37 from Aliexpress - link here

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    is there a kind of pocket camera with a fix lens on the market, with socs and sensors like on the action camera?


    • petesimon
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      give us more information... what size, or what dimensions in MM is a "pocket camera" for you?

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    basically I was always interested in trying to change the lens on a camera that might be good but it was limited because the lens was fixed or not interchangeable lens like a smartphone camera (success, good results on old smartphones), pocket camera ( ... it is difficult because there are many lens body sensors, electric opening and blade valves ... need softwre hack for bypass sensor control/counter), action camera or other similiar camera.
    the target ..... minimum 1 / 2.3 image sensor with 12mp resolution is effective or more, 2inch + screen dimensions are better also the resolution is good and can be digital zoom (for a good manual focus).
    I see some products like dascam offer a wider screen, the resolution is even higher ... but the features for photography and video shooting I don't know yet.
    ...... if go back to the action camera, try to look at globalsource, I go to screen 2.4 as xiaomi mijia 4k or similar product. of course looking for a cheap one ... trying to trace what is there is a more complete physical button ....
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