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    I recently bought two cheap (~20€) gamecams on Banggood. Unsurprisingly, they aren't that impressive, and particularly what irritates me is that the camera is probably really 2MP, but it is saving 5MP files, and just wasting space right there. Well, and the motion trigger isn't reacting very quickly either.

    Just now I tried plugging it in to my computer, and it identifies as a "Generalplus Technology Inc. GENERALPLUS-MSDC" according to lsusb. I wonder if there is anything known about the firmware in these cameras, at least to try to drop the resolution on the files saved, and see if there is someway to optimize response time. I have some photos of the inside too.

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    These are my photos from taking it apart. Actually, it produces 12MP files from a 3MP sensor. When I manually downscale them in GIMP, I get a huge space savings with no quality loss. I guess it is marketing...


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    That SOI8 test clip is pretty cool. I guess it will get here in 3 weeks. Did you mean to attach a different file? That zip appears to have firmware in it.


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      I'm sorry but I don't see any attachments. Could you please upload it to or dropbox or somewhere similar?

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    I meant the link you gave in your previous comments, to a file on dropbox:
    "According to tihs datasheet:"