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  • Topjoy TJ5000 Camera

    I've got a TopJoy TJ5000 Action camera, supposedly a Novatek 96660 Chipset and a Sony IMX078 Sensor.
    Has anyone got any experience with this camera? Are there any worthwhile modifications to this camera?
    Mostly, I'm looking for a flip 180 degree option so I can mount the camera upside down.

    Version screen says it has 20161123 firmware.


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    this one - ?

    at first sight, it seems to be a Soocco C30 clone or a F68 clone, but I am not sure. It could also be an Extral SJ8000 clone. All Novatek 96660 / Sony IMX078. So you should disassemble the camera or find another way to get more details about of the camera's hardware.

    See this thread - - for Soocoo C30

    and this thread - - for disassembly of the camera.

    I'm not responsible for a 'bricked' camera or any other camera problems.


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      Cheers for that. That's the camera, on UK Amazon at under £30.
      Looked at the SooCoo c30 and it looked identical, not that it's any indication.
      UK Warranty is pretty good, so I thought I'd give it a go, if I broke it I'd send it back.

      I can confirm that the Soocoo C30 firmware works on this camera.

      Incidentally, does that mean I can get a SooCoo remote control and use it with this camera now?


      • petesimon
        petesimon commented
        Editing a comment
        there are two editions of Soocoo C30 firmware, "v1.0" for small NAND/ROM and "v2.0" bigger NAND/ROM.
        which firmware edition did you use?

        if the camera's hardware supports a 2.4ghz radio frequency (RF) remote, then possibly yes.