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Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K camera problem

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  • Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4K camera problem

    Hi dear friends,
    I don't know what is the chipset of my camera and where to see it, but it keeps turning off without any order.
    I've uploaded a video of the problem, so you can take a look. The audio is just about nothing, so please don't pay any attention to it. the main is on video
    Will be glad for your help!
    The memory card is: Transcend 16GB Premium microSDHC UHS-I 400x

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    Nice vid. Seems like one of ribbon cables inside is not secured well like it should be.
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      nutsey please move this thread to the Novatek Cams section.

      Agrael disassemble the camera and look for loose objects


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        After it is shutting down, it won't start up for a long period of time. Then it starts ok. Then again.
        I've disassembled the camera, ribbons seems ok, I started the cam and moved them, but it worked well. There's one part 1R5 which seems slightly broken, I don't know is it useful information, you can see it on pics...
        Thanks again!


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          Anybody? Guys Need help!


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            Maybe somebody can help me??