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Tell me the model name of this camera.

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  • Tell me the model name of this camera.

    I bought this camera in Korea.
    The manual or the camera boot logo says SJ9000X ELITE, but I can't find the firmware for this product.

    I think the name SJ9000X ELITE was made for distribution. I think there's a real name.
    Can you tell me the model name of this camera?
    And can you tell me where to download the correct firmware for this product?

    I'll attach all the data I can attach as much as I can.

    By the way, the firmware on the SOOCOO C30 is installed, so you can boot it!
    The problem is, the camera isn't working properly.
    I think the sensor in C30 is different from the sensor in my camera.

    The file name used to install the firmware is "FWHT108M.bin"

    I'd appreciate it if you could give me some information.
    I got a lot of firmware from this site and tried to install it, but they all failed. Help me.

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