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Using a wimius Q6 as a webcam under Linux

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  • Using a wimius Q6 as a webcam under Linux

    I have a wimius Q6 that I would like to use as a webcam under Linux but I've so far had no luck in doing so - not via USB nor wifi.

    I know the Q6 uses a Novatek chipset but which one? I think I read it is a NT96660 somewhere but none of the web API commands for the NT96660 that I've tried have worked except the file upload / root menu one. It has a port 3333 open if that is a clue to anyone? The version menu says it's L2RGH-170330-V1.0

    I mainly want to use it as a webcam under Linux but I've been unable to get it to work via USB under Windows 10 either. I asked Wimius about this and they were unsure about Linux (they don't seem to support non-Android Linux) but said it should work under Windows 7. Can anyone confirm it works as a USB webcam under Windows 7 (or XP or macOS)?

    Maybe there is a modified/updated firmware for the Q6 that will enable me to use it as a USB webcam under Linux or maybe it requires someone write a Linux driver?

    Finally, is it possible to record in true UHD 4K on one of these (with a modified firmware) or is 2.7K the max video res?

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    I have been unable to get wimius Android app to work either as it doesn't seem to work under Android Pie.


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      according to this video - - the Q6 camera uses an Allwinner V3(s) chip. and your right, a L2 camera uses a NT96660 chip. The UI screen of the L2 looks like a Soocoo C30. Maybe search online about usage of that camera model.
      Are you using Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu, Debian or what?
      When you power-on and connect the camera to USB of a Linux computer, what happens?
      Open a terminal window and run this command and look for a new imaging/camera USB device. If it's there, then can move forward...
      lsusb | more
      - press space bar

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    Its actually a Wimius L2, not a Q6! I looked on their website for a similar cam and saw the Q6 and thought that's what I had. Today I noticed the cover of the manual said otherwise!

    I've tried to edit the subject of this thread but it doesn't let you, but at least it is the correct forum as it is apparently a Novatek and everything else I said still applies.