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  • Campark x20

    Hi every one,Hope this is the right place for this ?
    i lent my son my Campark x20 action camera,he has downloaded some update program
    and now its just BLACK nothing turns on,just the blue light on rear
    i have found what he's loaded it 2 file's “FW96660A.bin” and “LD96660A.bin”
    it's off this site ,
    so now i'm stumped ?????????
    can any body help to reset it back to as it was ...!
    Thank you

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    What the original firmware version info?

    try to contact Campark and these other brands' email or on their website for firmware. firmware that you get would possibly fix your camera. You will need to again get "FW96660A.bin” and “LD96660A.bin” files. I successfully loaded firmware into a Soccoo C30 96660 clone camera. But I have never loaded firmware into this exact type of camera so I'm unsure if it would work. Caution: proceed at your own risk.

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      Thank you for your reply,I
      I have emailed Campark help line regarding this matter,and i;m hoping to here from them soon...!
      my Son is also waiting,if he's broke it he replaces it,
      i'v tried to find any campark firmware or update's on the net but not found any as yet ????????


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        WELL iv looked all over the internet ....!
        sent messages to every where that stocks these bloody cameras,or similar ?
        and i cannot for the love of me find ANY firmware to fix it ??????
        even contacted CAMPARK them self's ,spoke to a guy KEN ???? has not replied since
        had i of known these company's were so poor at helping....!
        i would of purchased a £17 camera instead
        then if i had a problem i would just SMASH IT and buy another .................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMPLE


        • petesimon
          petesimon commented
          Editing a comment
          i totally agree! so i just usually sell the old camera to get come $/£ in my hands and buy another camera
          maybe ask Amazon or another seller on the 'net who sells these Campark X20's

          last friendly note: updating firmware does not always improve the camera

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        LOL....! I totally agree with you !
        OR DONT lend your kids anything they can alter HA HA HA !
        Well might have some good news ?
        contacted seller about my BRICK,and he said he will replace it FREE
        with a new one ,don't wont the old one back either ?
        so we will see if one gets here or not ??
        ill keep you up dated


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          WELL postman came today ...! and handed me a BRAND NEW CAMERA ..?
          now im not sure who sent it ? the seller on Ebay agreed to send JUST the camera,
          well this is the complete set up,and it never came from China ?
          I did contact a man called Ken via Amazon support help line,with the problem and theirs a Amazon
          gift voucher in the box..! so heads up to whoever sent it THANK YOU...!
          iv just sent the Ebay seller a message,asking what he sent ....? if anything
          i did give Compark all the sellers details regarding the sale,and my Ebay ID member name,
          ill have to wait and see what the sellers reply is ??????????


          • petesimon
            petesimon commented
            Editing a comment
            that's great! please share some visuals about the camera. yeah, power on the camera, take photos of the front face and rear (LCD screen). also please record some 20 seconds clips in 1080p60fps and 2k30fps and share those via google-drive or dropbox.

            here is info about a generic camera in which there is similar hardware compared to the Campark x20
            and video samples -

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          Yes no problem ..! ill sort it out im away at moment,be back Friday 14th