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Copying firmware ?

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  • Copying firmware ?

    Can i copy the firmware of a NEW Campark x20 action cam onto a SD card ?
    then load THAT firmware to the bricked x20 camera ?
    im sure there must be away to back up the firmware ...!

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    To back up your current firmware you'll need to save the flash memory dump using an SPI-programming device.
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      Just looked on youtube at SPI-programming device holly molly ??
      think ill just smash it ,run it over,set it on fire,throw the ashes from a cliff into the sea ............?????????

      i was hoping for some thing A LOT EASIER .....!!!!!!!!
      Thank you anyway,


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        Editing a comment
        X20 is based on the Novatek 966xx chipset and either a Sony or Panasoic sensor. the only cameras that I know based this chipset which firmware can be (re)loaded ... because proper firmware is available ... are: Elecom Explorer Pro (Novatek), MGCOOL 1s, Firefly 7s, Elecam REXO X Dual, Soocoo C30 and clones of those cameras such as the F68 or the F88.