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Firmware for HDCool HCN5000?

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  • Firmware for HDCool HCN5000?

    Hello to everybody, and thank you for your efforts!
    This is my first post.
    I was searching on internet informations on the HDCool HCN5000 but also the producer did not respond on the availability of new firmwares.
    The camera does not have a native remote, so i bougt one but it did not work.

    There is a better firmware for my camera compatible with a remote?

    actually in the ver menu i read 20170805 v2.1

    Thank you!!!

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    The RC feature must be implemented in hardware to work. Are you sure it is so?
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    Thank you for the answers.
    I'm not sure that the camera has the hardware to sense a remote.
    I think my camera is nt96x based because the photo tags contains the novatek word.
    If I've undertstood correctly, I need to unsolder the flash to dump the firmware. I think i'll do it in the next month.
    There is any way I can check if the rc feature is present in hardware?
    There is a newer firmware I can find compatible with my camera?

    thank you!


    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      Most likely you can use a SOI8 test clip to dump the firmware without soldering.

      RC controlled cams usually have dedicated antennas for wi-fi and rc. So, check how many are inside.

    • petesimon
      petesimon commented
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      Maybe firmware for Akaso Brave 4, or DBPower N5 / N5 Pro could work, but I really don't know.
      * Proceed with caution *