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Campark x20 - how do I figure out which processor is installed ?

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  • Campark x20 - how do I figure out which processor is installed ?

    thanks for your forum here.. I'm new to these cameras.. I've done a little ADB with my android phones..

    In another thread
    nutsey states...
    "Your cam has the Omnivision OV4689 inside. Better low-light performance, but lower resolution comparing to the Sony IMX078...."
    circa December 2018

    1.) How do I determine which processor my Campark x20 has installed.. ?
    Model X20-1
    Version V1.0
    Date: 08 23 2018

    My intention with the camera is for taking "still" photos, and the waterproof casing...
    because I am a kayak fishermen, and wanted a camera I could grab and shoot.
    For "glory" scenic pictures I use my Sony "land" camera... but it's a hassle to take it out of the waterpoof box for a quick "fish" picture.

    BUT.... I've taken about 50 pictures testing.. and just really can't comfortable with the "grainy" pixelation of the still photos.
    Setting the camera at ISO 100... and full daylight etc etc..

    It seems people are really using this/these type(s) of camera for video.
    I have looked at a lot of the still photo, and similar camera's, "example" photos
    Downloaded the really nice examples to inspect on my computer.
    A lot of people in reviews complain about the grainy photos.

    So I am wondering what the processor is in the camera... and maybe they have even "cheapened"
    it some versions of the camera to cut costs.

    2.) I imagine the Sony processor is better for pictures than the Omnivision OV4689
    if indeed either of those are in the camera.
    For still pictures.

    Thanks for all your posts and info and knowledge I have been reading on your forum.

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    Originally posted by rob558kayak View Post
    1.) How do I determine which processor my Campark x20 has installed.. ?
    Model X20-1
    X20 = 12Mp IMX078
    X20-1 = 4Mp OV4689
    X20-2 = 13Mp GC13603

    So, yours is the worst in terms of resolution.
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      WOW ! thanks for the input... that was fast...

      I guess I am showing my ignorance with this next question...
      An image (viewing the properties)..
      width 5120px height 3840px
      72 dpi
      24bit depth...

      Are they using (X20-1 = 4Mp OV4689)..
      and just enlarging the picture in the processing to "fake"
      what they are stating as 20mp picture ?

      I understand they do funky stuff with the 4k video.. ie not true 4k.

      I am now looking at the Askaso Brave 4... but I guess there is no way until
      to determine firmware version until I get the unit just like the Campark I have now.

      Thanks again...


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      thanks... it must have a waterproof case


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      Thank you again for your time.
      I haven't made a full decision yet... although I left a review with the "stats" you posted..
      we will have to see how they respond.

      Funny as it is.. the amazon listing says "Campark" but the company that shipped the camera is called,
      I thought that was pretty funny... as "A Lemon" in U.S.A. is something that sucks.

      I think, as most people would... feel like I got scammed by the representation of the camera...

      As mentioned.. I have a very good digital "land" camera... and wanted something like this one for a quick
      grab and shoot of fish or maybe the other guy with a fish.

      All of the test pictures I have been experimenting with the camera have been "long" shots...

      I did a quick test of a simulated "sitting in the kayak" on my patio... and I am happy with it and the intended purpose of the camera.
      I have uploaded the picture here... I made it 1000x750 resolution so it posts here.

      I have to give myself more time... to get over the bit about being scammed by the representation of the camera on Amazon...
      and decide to return the camera,
      and I also want to see if Campark gets me the camera with the better version CMOS

      You'll see the picture isn't too bad for my intend purposes vs. grainy quality.
      And if I can get over the mis-representation of the product on Amazon.

      Thank you again.


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        I did a bunch of research on the Yi Lite.
        And all was looking good, the PDF Spec sheet they had on the camera also look good
        But unfortunately I had one more criteria.
        The camera had to be able to set default "Still" photo.
        I asked Yi, and they quickly responded, that it was not.

        As I would be using this camera on the water, and in the waterproof case, this was a must.
        When I want to take a picture it has to be quick and no fumbling around in the kayak.
        I often fish open water on Chesapeake Bay... not only do you not want to be fumbling around with equipment in windy/waves/choppy seas...
        our prized fish, the Striped Bass aka Rockfish, is going through a bad time, and returning the fish as quickly as possible is essential.
        In the Spring, during the spawning season (the Chesapeake Bay is the largest spawning ground for this fish and we have many restrictions)...
        the Department of Natural Resources... have given warnings, and fines to people that take the fish out of the water for any extended period of time.
        Some, even for taking them out of the water... not releasing them immediately.

        I returned for a refund today the Campark X20... as at 4mp not a Sony CMOS... just a toy with a lot of gadgets.

        I emailed support at Campark that if they could provide me with a camera with the Sony CMOS, I would gladly purchase.
        I doubt it will happen.

        Thank you for your time, just wanted to share the situation as you have been so kind with all your knowledge.