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DbPower N6 noob question

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  • DbPower N6 noob question

    Hello everyone. I just got a dbpower n6. It has the novatek nt96660 and sony imx078. Its a good camera, but I was wondering how I can change bitrates. I have been reading through these forums for a few days now and I don't understand how I get the original firmware so I can try using the tools available through this forum. The camera doesn't show any files when I connect to computer through usb. I have read all about unpacking and repacking but I dont know how to get the bin file off the camera so I can do all the modifications to it. Sorry if this is too much newbie wuestion.

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    First you'll need to disassemble your cam and use an SPI flash reading/programming device and a flashing clip to get the firmware dump.
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