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Elecam explorer pro v1 bricked! Help!

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  • Elecam explorer pro v1 bricked! Help!

    Hi guys i flashed my explorer pro v1 with version 2 firmware and its now bricked! I only have a blank screen and the blue light, is it possible to bring it back from the dead? So far i have tried;
    1. using a different sd card with correct firmware
    2. removing battery etc.
    Nothing works, it wont reload the firmware at all

    many thanks in advance

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    Hi. Unforunately, there is no simple software way to fix your brick. It can be unbricked with resoldering flash memory chip:
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      Download these two files. Copy to SD card and press power button. Wait about 1 minute and will work.

      (This is only for Explorer PRO V1! and only for unbrick!)