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F68 Action Camera Bricked

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  • F68 Action Camera Bricked

    Camera was brick. I've tried firmware for days, but it didn't. Do you have the same firmware as the motherboard? I would be very happy if you share with me. The seller was not very interested. The seller said it was produced in the Soocoo Factory. The factory said they didn't have 4 MB of firmware (liars). I will try to reach the soocoo company.
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    Hello. Is the camera working normally again?


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      Originally posted by petesimon View Post
      Hello. Is the camera working normally again?
      Unfortunately. I'm waiting for the Chinese holiday to end.


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        the problem persists. Soocoo does not help.


        • petesimon
          petesimon commented
          Editing a comment
          maybe attention is on sales and the Corona-virus problem, but there is no attention for support.

          if you want a camera that will get firmware updates (and continue to work properly), then I recommend cameras from these brands: Akaso, Thieye, SJCAM, Firefly and Eken. For example, I had repeatedly "bricked" and later recovered and updated my Firefly and Eken cameras.

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        I can send you the latest software.
        But it may not work.
        R u sure you want it?

        because when you use this new software,if it can not match with your camera,your camera will not work forever.
        The attached is the software for F68.
        Please please be sure the following:
        1,the model is ours;
        2,This is the software,but we do not know if it can match with your camera.If not,your camera will not work forever

        look at the answer he wrote to me. The camera is already dead. Also it sends me a 5mb bin file. I say how 5 mb will fit in the 4mb chip. I'm not going to eat your head.