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DBPOWER N6, Novatek NT 96660, Sony IMX078, EIS (stabilization), touch screen

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  • petesimon
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    here's another listing of the DBPOWER N6 (currently in stock as of March 25, 2020).

  • petesimon
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    I hadn't used the N6 camera much, so today I sold it to a local person in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • petesimon
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    nutsey - I emailed DBPOWER at [email protected] and they replied "we do not have an update for this camera".

  • petesimon
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    DrekiTech - TV set to PAL as nutsey mentioned before, EIS ON, in bright light, the frames are unique, but in low light / darkness, yeah the frames are doubled 30 in 60fps modes. If TV is set to PAL then the frame-rate may be 50fps. I use the Step / frame-step buttons and keyboard shortcuts in MPC-BE and in SMPlayer to check videos. Here are 60 frames saved as JPG files in their original sequence taken from 1 second of video footage.

    The firmware is the same as yours, TP20170704 V2.0.
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  • nutsey
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    I need to get an update for my N6 as it has older TP 20170508 V2.0 fw version with faulty EIS.

  • DrekiTech
    Do you get frame doubling in 60FPS mode, I see it in both 1080p60 and 720p60. However 720p 120 appears to be true frame rate.

    F/W TP20170704 V2.0

    Edit: frame doubling is indiscriminate whether EIS or WDR is on/off.

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  • petesimon
    Click image for larger version

Name:	andoer an1 -1.jpg
Views:	330
Size:	9.8 KB
ID:	16882Click image for larger version

Name:	andoer an1 -2.jpg
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Size:	159.6 KB
ID:	16883
    - click on the small pictures shown above

    The Andoer AN1 is very similar if not the same camera.

    ... more to come but later ...
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  • DBPOWER N6, Novatek NT 96660, Sony IMX078, EIS (stabilization), touch screen

    Click image for larger version  Name:	dbpower n6 -2.jpg Views:	3 Size:	19.7 KB ID:	16877Click image for larger version  Name:	dbpower n6 -1.jpg Views:	3 Size:	51.4 KB ID:	16878Click image for larger version  Name:	dbpower n6 -3.jpg Views:	3 Size:	99.2 KB ID:	16879
    - click on small pictures shown above

    I purchased this camera from Amazon USA during a "lightning" sale deal for $17 USD. I think that for this price or any price under $50 USD, the camera is worthy of use. The firmware version for my camera is TP20170704 V2.0.

    User manual PDF -

    Video samples - - download files for full size resolution

    Photos samples - - these are fake 20MP - download files for full size resolution

    - Video bitrates are between ~13 Mbps and ~20 Mbps for depending on resolution and frame-rate (excluding 4k mode because it's fake anyway).
    - I wish the bitrate for both 1080p60 and 2.5k were at least 25 Mbps. For example, the Firefly 7s or Eken H8 Plus used this or a higher bit-rate.
    - Colors overall are alright. But their are too much brightness and too much darkness in the same scene at the same time. Exposure and contrast are too "strong" one way or another. However, this may be due to my MPC-BE and SMPlayer video playback software in my computer.
    - In bright light, and when recording static/simple scenery, the 60fps modes actually create 60 unique frames per second. But frame-doubling of 30fps can occur in dim light and when recording dynamic/complex scenery. This probably also depends on EIS being ON or OFF.
    - Changing the TV out standard from NTSC (30, or 60fps) to PAL (25, or 50fps) may reduce the tendency for frame doubling/duplicating.
    - Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is mild yet noticeably effective and works best in 1080p modes. EIS also is slightly effective in 720p and 2.5k modes. I prefer EIS to be ON. However, EIS may cause blurry video depending on lighting, scenery and movement.
    - There is a Sharpness setting for photos, but not for video.
    - Photos are 4:3 aspect ratio and acceptably nice. 12 MP setting or a lower setting would be best due to the max MP of the sensor hardware.
    - There is sometimes a purple fringe, blob, flair or a combo of those in the lens.
    - There are several touch controls that do the same thing so this situation makes the controls finicky and sensitive to doing unintended actions
    - The waterproof case seems to be unique among all action cameras I have ever seen. Only cases from clones / re-brands of this camera would be compatible such as the Andoer AN1.
    - 4k mode makes 2880x2160 video, so I don't use it.
    - Audible voice prompts for starting/stopping video recording and for taking photos are cool. The voice prompts' language change when you change the Language setting in the menu. French sounds really " magnifique enchanté " !
    - Audio quality and loudness are quite good. There is no noticeable buzz/hiss noise. The audio format is compressed AAC, mono, 96 kb/s, 32 kHz. So this camera would make a good "vlog" tool. I had the same experience with some Eken cameras and the Yagoo7 Extral SJ8000.
    - Camera will sometimes power on if the power is already off and an external power source (adapter, bank) is connected to the camera
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