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Shutter "sync" signal from Novatec NT96655

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  • Shutter "sync" signal from Novatec NT96655

    So I have an Gitup Git1 camera witch has a Novatek NT96655 IC and a Sony Exmor IMX322 sensor.
    I would like to get either shutter signal or “frame signal” from the camera. I have looked in to datasheet form the sensor and there could be a signal generated by “XVS” that could be used, but I think that the communication between sensor and Novatek is based on i2c, and therefor that might be not available. But because the Novatek ic sends the shutter command so is there any way to get that signal from the ic also for another pin?
    At the Novatek datasheet there are pins C4 “Shutter signal input from sensor” and B3 (C3,D4,D3; G13,H14) that are labeled as “Mechanical Shutter control output”. But I don’t know is are there any traces for them in the camera, and I doubt that the “Shutter signal input from sensor” exist, because I did not find it from the sensor datasheet. And I doubt that mechanical Shutter control output” is there, because the camera has none.

    I suppose I could just try to get between the (possible) i2c communication, and get the information from there, but the final “aim” would be to use the camera underwater (using the diving case) and get the info out by blinking a Led or something like that.
    Do you think that this is even remotely possible?