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How to mod a firmware for the Firefly split 4k?

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  • How to mod a firmware for the Firefly split 4k?

    Hello, i'm New to mod firmware for a Action cam. So i want to ask anyone here how to mod the firmware for the Firefly split 4k. I have read here some posts and topics about how to modifications of novatek firmware but i Don't know where to Start. Is there a chance to got a tutorial or anything Else to Do this?

    I wanted to make some colorcorrections or a flat color Profil like nutsey has done it. Some brightness correction for brighter lens.

    Many thanks in advanced,

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    Unfortunately I've lost all of my Split 4K studies when my main HDD died several months ago. Good thing is my cam is flashed with the latest custom fw. But I don't know how to dump it as the flash memory is WSOP8 type which is not so easy to deal with.
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      I try to ask hawkeye how to copy the firmware from the split to a file. Thanks nutsey!