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Matecam x7 refuses to turn on

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  • Matecam x7 refuses to turn on

    Hello I've recently bought a new matecam x7 and I was actually planning to buy several more of these cameras as I really like the image quality on these.
    I only used the camera for a couple of days and since yesterday it has refused to work. I don't know what to do, I've written to matecam support but they haven't responded yet.

    Please let me know if there's anything I can do to get it to work again. Since buying it the red and black cables as seen in the video came off the board due to a poor soldering job, I've had them resoldered onto their original spot on the board and you can see the battery charge perfectly fine. The camera had stopped working before the resoldering job in case if you're wondering if the electrician who had done the soldering ruined the PCB, that is not the case. The camera would usually turn on automatically the moment you put the micro usb in to charge it, now it's either a beeping red LED or a constant red LED(means it's charging). When you press the power button it doesn't turn on, but the board starts to get EXTREMELY hot after a while, like a couple of minutes as if it's been recording(it hasn't, the sd card is empty). This doesn't happen when it's just charging if you don't press the power button so this leads me to believe pressing the power button does do something other than turning it on.

    Here's a video I'll attach of me fiddling with the camera to get it to turn on.