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  • Electron dash camera app

    Hi all,

    Recently joined, I'm working on a canbus project to integrate a raspberry pi into my jaguar. As an aside I am using a novatek dash cam and looking to pick up the rear camera to use as a reversing camera. I've functionality tested this and it all seems good. But before implementing I'm building an electron based app for changing settings, viewing/downloading recordings and a few other things. Being electron it will work on Linux, windows, Mac etc.

    I'll keep this thread updated, and link to the git for anyone to modify/use.

    It seems I have run into my first issue, I'm looking to connect the camera to a WiFi network made via the raspberry pi, I can get this to function fine using the commands, however the settings don't seem to save. I have tried using the save menu command, and also allowing the camera to do a normal reboot. Is there anything I'm missing?

    Thanks in advanced
    video if anyone's interested in the project so far

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    What Novatek dash cam do you use in your project?
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      Ah apologies, forgot the most basic of info

      in the land rover its a nt96658

      And in the Jag it's a Nt96655

      I'm currently developing on the nt96658


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        Although saying that, looking through the listing it appears they both use the nt96655 sensor, but the land rover one explicitly states the nt96658 number in the title. If needed I can take it apart to see any numbers on the inside


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          Originally posted by Rhys_m View Post
          it appears they both use the nt96655 sensor
          Novatek NT96655 is not a sensor, but a SoC (system on chip) which controls ISP, video encoding and other functions.
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          Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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            I thought so much, the Chinese listings had got me all confused. So far between the two types not APIs seem the same which is good. I just need to figure out if the WiFi station mode can be made permanent. Worst case the app will have to connect to the cam, send the messages to set it to station mode and then send a reconnect. Its a dodgey way to do it, but it would work.

            Love the work you do by the way, I have found your git repo and it's been a huge help, so thanks for making jt available!