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help me its been 2 years and i still cant fix this camera

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  • help me its been 2 years and i still cant fix this camera

    so i bricked my father's weird Chinese gopro type camera which looks like the soocoo sj8000. I flashed some weird firmware on it by using sdcard method and uh well it does not boot anymore and no blue light just blank. Charging light works. I put my ear next to the cam and i hear something idk like a frequency. How do i fix this. Also i m trash at eprom stuff so uh i dont think thats the choice for me. Also when i connect it to a pc it shows up but it does say insert a disk into Whatever drive it shows up as. i tried pressing the record button no recordings show up. I think i may have rendered this camera unusable. is there a way i can fix this without opening the camera or do i just give up on this camera. Here is a pic i took very while ago and i posted it on another forum but i got ignored. also forgot to mention. None of the buttons work except the power button. can someone provide me a link to some firmware files? thankyou
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    I have also noticed that when i connect it to my windows pc with battery removed i see that it pops up in device manager with exclamation mark next to it.
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