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  • Novatek SDK

    The following release is a dashcam project based on Novatek SDK and might help with reverse engineering.
    Some files where removed due to privacy reasons

    Please do not mirror the files!

    Update: Even more SDK projects:

    SDK repository:
    Interesting things regarding the creation of the firmware binary can be found inside the Makefiles:
    DemoKit project:
    Drivers/hardware specific things:
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    Thanx for sharing. Do you have any idea where the audio bitrate is set for the AAC codec?


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      Haven't looked through most of the files, yet


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        Is it possible to build this? Does it lack some files, needed to compile firmware?


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          Didn't try building it because in my opintion the combination of cygwin and mipsel-c-compiler for windows are a weird combination difficult to setup. Also I think there are missing some library files. The files I removed where mostly debugging objects and files that contained path or filenames of the company using this sample sdk


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            I've found some "SDK-leaks"/accidentally public SDK projects and uploaded them to my git server:
            Please don't download the repositories as archive but instead clone the repo to your local machine using HTTPS. (My poor server doesn't handle huge compression jobs too well)


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              May I ask where these "Novatek SDK" comes from and what's its use for?


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                It's a "framework" for novateks chip including several cmos drivers, ui control, display drivers etc which developers can customise according to their novatek hardware product aka dashcamera, webcam, analog video converter etc. Developers of brands like Street Guardian just have to customise the code to their likings.
                the sdk from first post ive received from a manufacturer of popular dashcameras, ive removed some files to keep it private. The others ive found while googling some sdk code, i assume they were published by accident


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                  And have you figured out how to compile one of these (either Novatek-SD or any of the other "Novatek Leaks") projects? And what about the bfc.exe referenced there? They could have made it available somewhere... :/

                  By the way, I don't know if you got your ntk-leaks from here but this guy at gitHub has a bunch of NT96XXX repos:

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                    No all the sdk leaks are incomplete. The binary tools are missing. But we can see the references to them and guess what they are doing which helps with reverse engineering

                    yes exactly all but the first one are from this github repo