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Git2P MODx firmware.

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  • Git2P MODx firmware.

    MOD3 modified firmware for GitUp Git2P based on v1.0. DOWNLOAD

    Changes are the same with MOD3 for GIT2 camera, except 4M photo resolution (it was changed to match MN34120 sensor).

    Bitrate table:
    • 4K modes replaced with 1296p24f and 1080p24.
    • 5M and 3M still resolutions were transformed to 4M and 2M. 4M is 1/2 of full sensor resolution in both directions, 2M is 1920x1080 which can be used for FullHD timelapses without any resizing.
    • AE table for CarDVR mode is adjusted.
    • Some text UI entries are fixed to match the changes.
    2017-04-29 update: bitrate values for 2.5K LOW and 1080P30 LOW/MED/HIGH are fixed.
    Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.

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    In readme.txt there is information, that this firmware is for GitUp Git2P (with 90-degree lens). Would it be ok to use this firmware on GitUp Git2P with 170-degree lens? It also has Panasonic sensor.


    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      Please don't use it for 170 if you want using the gyro stab. 90- and 170-degree lens firmwares are different. Planning to release MODx for 170 Git2P as well.

    • matthew0
      matthew0 commented
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      I am looking forward the next release, then. Thank you for your outstanding work!

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    Hi nutsey, do you know anything about moded firmware for Git2P 170? I need to buy new camera soon and can't decide between Git2 and Git2P (both 170). There are some videos on youtube but it's hard to compare them (different settings, bitrate etc)


    • nutsey
      nutsey commented
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      flyradek Hi! There is no MODx for 170-degree Git2P at the moment, but I believe that @[email protected] will (when he'll got some free time) manage to give us an all-in-one tool to mod any Novatek firmwares. And I'll do my best if any help is needed with it.

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    in @[email protected] we trust then to help us out !.... IMHO the Git2p comes with a too low bitrate (as the git2 but with the mod, question solved!)... Go [email protected] ! Go!... We need you!


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      Hello I'll add to this thread in the hope of getting a response. I purchased this camera in the hope of doing videoography. Thank you Nutsey and others for all the work you've done on these cameras.

      My question is this:
      Is it possible to adjust the frame dimensions with an adjustment to the firmware to the classic 2.35:1 or thereabouts? That is something like 2304x980.

      Additionally, would the camera be able to show this frame on the video screen undistorted?

      Many thanks in advance for your reply,


      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
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        according to this:
        typedef enum _IPL_SENCROPRATIO
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_9_16 = 0,                  ///< 9:16
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_2_3,                       ///< 2:3
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_3_4,                       ///< 3:4
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_1_1,                       ///< 1:1
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_4_3,                       ///< 4:3
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_3_2,                       ///< 3:2
            IPL_SENCROPRATIO_16_9,                      ///< 16:9
        there is no 2.35:1 available and you'll need to crop the picture in post.

      • independent
        independent commented
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        Thank you!

        Just on the off-chance, is there any action cam with the capability to shoot widescreen such as 2.35:1 (or 2.39:1) natively?

        As well as view it on the screen that you know of?

        I know cropping is always an option but I keep reading about various SoC firmwares undocumented ability to do things when they are unpacked and deciphered.

      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
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        By the way, @[email protected] can you please add this flag to NtkMPE tool?

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      nutsey Is there any chance for a "flat" color picture profile in "sepia" like Git1 Mod firmware? (Offtopic-do you know when the git1 will get 24fps at high bitrate?).

      Many thanks in advance for your reply


      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
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        I want to release new MODx for Git2 cams when GitUp will update the SDK, as it should imrove H.264 codec.

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      Hey again matthew0 and [email protected] , any update about a mod for the Git2p 170ª ?... Those low bitrates are killing me. Thanks!


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        new firmware bro.. please v1.2 versiyon modx GİT2P V1.2 MODX Please


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          I know this is an old thread, but is there a chance that the firmware of the GitUp Git2P could be programmed so that it could combine photo with motion detection?


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            Hi nutsey ! I know this is an old thread, too, but may I ask you which tool did you use for this mod? And where did you get the code from your comment #5.1?
            That info would be great in order to patch our Wolverine's...