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  • Apeman A80

    Hello, I've bought on Amazon an Apeman A80, It is a Novatek 96660 with a Sony sensor (I don't how to figure out which one), it can make 4K videos and 20MP images.
    The actual firmware is HT10 20160310 V1.0.
    I'm trying to set the camera wifi in client mode using the Web API. The commands 3032 and 3033 results active in the commands lists.
    When I try to set the client mode with the camera stop working and I can't activate the client mode.
    Have you any advice to use this functionality? It is possible that the firmware does not support this functionality event if the commands are listed? In this case it is possible to upload another firmware to make it work?
    Thank you

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    As far as I remember, the latest FW compatible to your cam is Soocoo C30 30-05-2016 (download here) - FW96660A.bin is in the V1.0 folder.
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    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


    • petesimon
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      good tip. and how about firmware for this F69 ?

    • nutsey
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      There are several versions/revisions of HT10 cams and they are not compatible. V1.0 has 4Mb flash chip (fw filename FW96660A.bin), and V2.0 - 8Mb (FWHT108M.bin). I got my V1.0 C30 bricked after trying to rename and flash V2.0 fw. It ended up with soldering

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    Hi nutsey, thank you for your reply.
    Do you think that is safe to try to upload this firmware and I will be able to restore the previous one if something goes wrong?


    • nutsey
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      You can never be 100% sure if it's going to be ok using any 3rd-party stuff.
      In order to make a backup you'll need to use some hardware (SPI flash programmer + SOI8 clip) and be ready to teardown your cam.

    • LBag
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      Ok, thank you. I don't know if I'll make the update.
      My purpose is to control multiple cameras from a raspberry and I'm trying to find a way to do that without using multiple wifi adapters.
      I've contacted the Apeman support and they told me that there isn't support for external shutter (like the PWM shutter of Gitup cameras) so I was trying using the camera wifi station the moment without luck.
      Let me know if you have some suggestion and thank you again!

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    I was able to get the Apeman A80 into client mode after flashing the latest SOOCOO C30 firmware onto it and then following the steps from the Gitup blog here

    However, after rebooting the camera reverts to AP mode and I have to repeat the whole process I've tried issuing command 3021 to write to flash but it doesn't seem to save this info, any ideas? Even just turning wifi on by default would be a good start.