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101 Dummy question about Novatek tools

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  • 101 Dummy question about Novatek tools

    I Just bought several dashcams brand name (VIOFO , YI ) and non-brand name. I thought to play with these tools to change cam saturation, WB, sharpens and UI...
    What tools I should start with in this journey, is there youtube channels can help?
    Whats the difference between SKD & NtkMPE 1.2 tool & firmware?

    Sorry for these dummy questions

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    SDK seems provided from Novatek to OEM manufacturers in order to customize / make their firmwares. It seems to be an internal tool and all we have are partial "leaks" from this, missing some critical binary utility files.

    NtkMPE is a GUI tool made by [email protected] which allows to modify certain flags of uncompressed firmwares regarding bitrate, resolution, fps and aspect ratio of generated video files.

    I don't think you can accomplish what you want with these tools. At least not until the full Novatek SDK is released. And then, probably you would need your concrete machine firmware project, too, if you wanted to generate a new .bind with SDK.

    This is to my knowledge, but probably [email protected], nutsey and others would explain it much better.


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      More or less. The SDK code is pretty much complete, but there are missing binary tools as well as libraries.
      SDK is the source code of the firmware while NtkMPE is able to modify parameters in the compiled binary. To find the parameters/offsets you can take a look at the sdk and if you are lucky you find out how the structure of the code you want to modify is. If there is a saturation struct with 4 integers and a float, you get a rough idea about what you have to search for in the compiled binary.