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Lightdow LD4000 Novatek 99650 Backup?

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  • Lightdow LD4000 Novatek 99650 Backup?

    I'm having problems with 2 LD4000's and want to backup the firmware, but don't know how. One cam only outputs B&W video via the USB when in TV Mode and the the other appears to have an extremely weak output (loss of sync) under the same condition. The HDMI output for both are fine, but my xmtr needs the analog NTSC video as input. I have gotten several instances of firmware for these cams from Lightdow but want todo a backup before I try them. ----I may just have a bum USB---- Any help would be appreciated.

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    At the moment using this stuff is the simplest way to backup your cam's fw:
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