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Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4k battery not charging

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  • Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4k battery not charging

    I received my Elephone EleCam Explorer Elite 4 a few days ago fro Aliexpress. I have several issues with the cam. It is running the 20170728 firmware.
    Primarily the camera battery doesnt charge. When I plug it in to a power point with a usb charger, it shows the battery filling animation but when I disconnect it (even after overnight charging) it shows low battery and shuts down.
    When I plug it into a laptop - it shows options to choose either Mass storage or PC cam. If I select it either it works.
    While it still had battery I was able to take videos and photos.
    After I changed a few settings in the menu, the interface was stuck on booting up, with the boot sound also reapeating. If I got past this stage, then the whole display was dark. After i reset all settings I can shoot video without problems, but the battery is now dead.

    Is there a more recent firmware I can upgrade to? Has anyone else faced a similar issue?

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    hi, Could you be sharing this firmware with me?