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Good Quality cam with NTK?

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  • Good Quality cam with NTK?

    Hi guys,

    I bought two cam

    - No1 -
    - No2 -

    Both claim to have a NTK96660 + Sony IMX078

    I am not an expert I am just looking for best value/money - want to record our hiking trip with good quality.
    I tested today both and it looks like No1 has better quality and higher data rate - but maybe I am using it wrong?

    1) Which camera is the better one on quality?
    2) Can I optimize the quality with a custom Software?
    3) What App is the best to use?
    4) Can I later mix 24fps and 60 fps video I gues the 4k/24 fps is only interpolated?
    5) If both are bad do you know a good one <100 EUR?

    Thanks for your support!

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    2) Firmwares can be modified, but you need to get a file to mod. Either by dumping SPI flash or getting a fw update from seller/manufacturer.
    4) I suppose you can mix anything, the solution is in having proper software. And yes '4K' is not real, it's more like 'sub-3K' with 4:3 ratio.
    5) My choice here is Firefly 8S.
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    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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      I think the TJ5000 is better than the X20 - but seems not to have the lates firmware.
      Does anybody knows if I could use the firmware of SJ5000 from SJCAM - seems that they all having the same HW?