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Cycliq Fly6 & Maxtek rear bicycle cameras

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  • Cycliq Fly6 & Maxtek rear bicycle cameras


    I'm trying to identify and subsequently fiddle with settings on a Cycliq Fly 6 and Maxtek camera. These are rear fitting bicycle cameras with combined lights also. They attach to the seatpost and record facing back at that car that's just about to run you off the road.

    The Cycliq Fly 6 is the most popular model. There's been three versions with the current version seemingly based on a Novatek chipset. I'm basing this on a hex dump of the firmware from which has lots of Novatek strings in it.

    I've tried the Novatek firmware tools in the stickies but not had any success reading it. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of using these tools or firmware file formats might be able to work it out.

    The Maxtek version seems to be a clone of the Fly 6 but at about a third of the price (recently sold by Aldi supermarket here in the UK for £39.99). I've not got firmware for that.

    The Fly6 records in 720p. The Maxtek in 1080p but it looks scaled. I'm trying to work out if I can switch the Maxtek into 720p mode and switch off the 'auto shut-off after 15 minutes of no motion' feature. The motion detection isn't sensitive enough to detect 15 minutes of smooth road cycling and can switch off too easily. This can be either a pain in the arse as you have to stop to switch the camera back on or bloody dangerous as at night it also switches off your rear light!

    Fly 6 website is at

    Maxtek clone is at (ignore most of the text as I've not found anything it doesn't do that the Fly 6 also does)