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Apeman A80 Low Light Issues

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  • Apeman A80 Low Light Issues

    Hello... I’m having issues with low lighting even with the exposure value set to +0.7.

    It’s quite dark esp watching skin tones for grading.
    so I guess that would be under exposed?! I notice when I’m shooting it will try to auto adjust the lighting... But it still gives me this funky dark tint even mid day.

    The place I’m shooting video has full sunlight all day long
    My garage faces the direction where the sun is behind me...
    if anyone can help me solve this issue or can give me some pointers I’d really appreciate it... Here are the settings I’m currently using... Thanks in advance!

    White balance: Auto
    Sharpness: Normal
    Angle: 170
    Wdr: On
    Resolution: UHDP24


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    Could you provide any sample footages where we can see the problem?
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      Here u go Nutsey and thanks for responding.... Notice how funky (not in a good way) and dark the video look?! It was very sunny outside!
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      • nutsey
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        Okay. I'd say your cam's auto-exposure is trying to keep details both in darks and highlights and it's doing it right (or very close to it).

        Try using different background (not so bright) in order to avoid underexposure or switch metering to 'spot' (if available).