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Apeman A80 original firmware?

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  • Apeman A80 original firmware?

    I have an Apeman A80 (v2) and the screen just turned white for no reason, I figured I could try reflashing / updating the firmware but couldn't find anywhere that I could download it. After doing some research I tired flashing firmware for a Soocoo C30 but now the screen & led's don't work at all. The camera is actually still working as I can use it as a webcam / mass storage etc but I really need an original A80 firmware. Does anyone have a link?


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    no i don't have a link to any Apeman firmware. but I can give you old Soocoo C30 firmware that might work according to this goprawn post. *** I do not have an Apeman, and I do not have a Soocoo camera. *** Use this firmware at your own risk. ***
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-02-25 22_37_14-20160606.jpg Views:	1 Size:	17.0 KB ID:	9383

    download file here -
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      Thanks for this petesimon I actually got a response from Apeman this morning so if I get anywhere with them i'll post the proper firmware here, if not' i'll give yours a go.


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        Hi @Dave4157 , did you get any news on the firmware from Apeman? I would be interested, as I have the same camera and looking for improvements.


        • pikapika
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          any news? i'm interested as well. thanks.

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        Got the firmware by email. Its for Apeman A80 2018 version (Although my camera has newer firmware (

        Use at your own risk!!! - solution for tiny file hosting. No download limits, no upload limit. Totaly free.


        • nutsey
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          Thanks for sharing!

        • Pepelu
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          Please can reupload file. Link is dead.

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        Update: just arrived (by email too)

        Use at your own risk!!!


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          Nice to meet you.

          I recently purchased "Apeman A80".
          I'm in trouble because the Timelapse specifications are different from those I purchased before. When I confirmed the firmware, it was updated from V3.2.0.1 to V5.1.0.1.

          Does anyone have the firmware V3.2.0.1 of APEMANA80?
          Do you know the firmware that can use the function of Timelapse 0.2 seconds?

          Even if I asked the support center, it didn't work.


          • nutsey
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            Welcome aboard.

            I suppose your cam on the left is not a Novatek-based device. So, most likely you can't install any older firmwares on it. Please share this V5 fw file if you'll manage to find it somewhere in order to identify the hardware.

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          Please anyone can post apeman A80 original firmware?


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          I have Apeman A80 v5.1.0.1 Firmware if anyone is interested. The SOC is Novatek NT96660BG-H 171-cj k19g7