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Sensor Calibration on Novatek N6

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  • Sensor Calibration on Novatek N6

    Hello, I have a Novatek action camera, I believe it's a generic camera that's sold under various names, such as DBpower N6.
    There are a few white pixels that I'd like to be able to map out. I know on some cameras it is possible to enter a sensor calibration mode, but I can not figure out how to do it on this camera. I'd like to map out these hot pixels.

    I tried making "ENGMODE" directory/text file on SD root, but it does nothing.
    The camera creates a directory on the root of the SD card called "novatek" under normal operation, and stores photos/videos in subdirectories.

    It has the surfer logo on boot, and the firmware version reads: TP 20170527 V2.0

    2.31"LCD Touch Screen
    UHD [email protected] (4k is not widescreen)
    20MP image resolution
    1200mah Battery
    Sony IMX078