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  • Calling nutsy...

    Hi all,new to forum , Please excuse lack of tech knowledge ! I was directed here from 'dashcam ' ,and told to adress 'Nutsy ' My problem - I have a yi action cam which I have used in conjunction with yi camera using yi app. Until recently when I updated app , I have had no problems. I updated app , now the camera still connects via wi fi , but as soon as I try to use , the message -' unfortunately yi action has stopped ' appears and thats that . Been speaking with yi , and they offered new camera , I also pointed out I don't have data roaming to switch off when they suggested that. I know the camera is fine because I downloaded app to old htc phone and works fine. I really need to be able to use with my tab 3 though , so if you can help, it would be much appreciated, again, apologies for lack of tech know how ...p.s I do notice when I go to play store for that app, it now says- 'may not be optimised for your device '

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    you can try googling previous version of yi app and then downloading and installing that APK directly to your device.


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      Thanks for replying nutsy, I should have said- the problem started when I updated firmware on camera. I then tried un installing app and installing latest version- no joy . It worked fine until the moment I updated firmware. ...thanks again..


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        Nutsy, I re-set camera to factory settings and downloaded older app . Sorted ! Would it be best not to update firmware again ? Like I said ,not to tech savy .. thanks again...