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What camera is this ?

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  • What camera is this ?

    hello all, i recently bought a used action camera, which was saying:
    ActionCam H9+
    EK160519SSR (not sure about the last digits)

    my son flashed it accidentally, the camera was not booting, i finally found a firmware from a FB user group, and managed to boot again..
    but, i have some problems...
    the battery indicator is shown only when the camera is charging.. so i dont know how much energy remains..
    when i close the camera, i have to extract the battery, in order to boot again..

    my camera looks like this one, with only one button on the side:

    can anyone imagine, what camera is? and point me to the right firmware....

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    here are some other photos...


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      these are the last, taken with my (genuine) Nikon..


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        Looks like a very strange hybrid...
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          well, i finally found my monkey's origin...

          does anyone have any SS or SSR firmware ?
          i tried all the below, with no success...


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            Someone knows what the firmware is, the application for android shows it SportsDV_0907_001
            NTK96660 IMX078 Gyro, 2.0 screen, one usb port and 3 buttons
            NTK 2.0 inch TFT display 135 degree wide angle Source Shenzhen Transtyle Electronics Co., Limited Model Number: T8N It have a IMX078 sensor NTK96660 default file T8NTS001.V1.0 firmware some video test and photo link The camera has a lot of potential, the firmware can be improved, I don’t know how to download the firmware


            • petesimon
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              do not try to load firmware into NK96660 generic cameras. you might get a brick

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            I've this camera:
            idVendor=1f3a, idProduct=1002
            What camera is this ?

            i think!

            Who can help me to connect as rtsp video flow?

            Thank you
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            • nutsey
              nutsey commented
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              1. What does your cam look like?
              2. Where did you get it from (online store link)?
              3. Any additional info?

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            I've buyed from amazon
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            • nutsey
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              Could you show the screen in shooting mode/settings?

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            It's a CRAP cam
            Eken and other clone manufacturers made these
            its like 2 models BELOW the H9 / H9R (quality wise)
            Possibly a 2mp sensor
            spca6330 • sensor: ov2710


            • nutsey
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              I don't think it's based on an iCatch chip. Most likely to be the Allwinner V3 or one of JieLi SoCs...

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            How can I find this information?