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Aiqiu 4k EIS real free 7 pro

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  • Aiqiu 4k EIS real free 7 pro

    Hi anyone heard AiQiu 4k real 4k EIS Free 7 pro?
    Very similar like Eken h6s. NATIVE 4K FULL HD ACTION CAMERA:

    Supports Ambarella A12LS75 chip & IMX117 Sony Sensor, shoots [email protected]/ [email protected]/ [email protected] premium footage, with 12MP image resolution, capture amazing moment in crisp high definition.


    Built in EIS anti-shake image stabilization with 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer, automatically adjusts to compensate for any unintentional camera movements reducing blurry shots and video.

    I bought for £24 on ebay. The camera worth £120 any other place. It was real surprise because the camera can record native real 4k, and there is some sort of EIS as well. I thought the advert is fake but I find out was real some how.
    So there is the problem..The image quality good enough to take further video editing. I want a flat camera profile recorded with the camera. Than I want to post production the video in Adobe. Is there any way to change the original camera profile settings? I'm not happy the factory settings. Barely find any information on the internet about this type of camera. There is some information about the older AiQiu 4k. But that not even EIS.
    This camera work well with the Ezicam app. Which also an Eken app.
    How can I change saturation,contrast, sharpness on an unknown camera? Is there any way to find out the real chip-set and sensor?

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    Originally posted by Aiqiu 4k eis free 7 pro View Post
    Is there any way to find out the real chip-set and sensor? [/FONT]
    It's an Ambarella chipset if it runs and then you can check the log.txt to find out the sensor model.
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      Thank you! I gonna do soon!


      • petesimon
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        Editing a comment
        Please also try this script. Look at the 'readme.txt' file.

        Maybe we can dig inside the firmware backup data to see what hardware is being used.
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