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cheaper camera that can match akaso v50x??

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  • cheaper camera that can match akaso v50x??


    Im planning on getting my first action camera.. and ive set my sights on akaso v50x.. tho i would prefer if there is a cheaper option that can match its performance by using mods/custom firmware.. any suggestions?

    some of the things ive considered are

    soocoo f500
    dragon touch vista 5 (though ive read here somewhere that its EIS and HW arent that great)
    apeman a100

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    I believe all these cams are produced by the same factory in China. So, I would not expect any significant difference between them.
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    • xx4xx4
      xx4xx4 commented
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      hmm.. ive read that apeman a100 is capable of 4k50.. does that mean its possible to unlock 4k50 on the other devices mentioned in my post?

      also in the dragon touch vista its EIS and HW isnt that great part.. is this also true for the other devices?

      thanks for answering!

    • nutsey
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      Yeah, seems like the Apeman A100 is based on a Novatek chipset (683 probably). But the others use HiSilicon 3559 platform with IMX458 Sony sensor.

    • petesimon
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      see here >