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Image hosting and sharing sites (lossless and large file size)

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  • Image hosting and sharing sites (lossless and large file size)

    Imgur and Google Photos and similar image hosting / sharing sites are great for bells whistles buttons and general purpose use cases. But they re-compress and convert most if not all large >10 MB or >15 MB files and quality is lost. For example, Imgur converts AND compresses large >10 MB PNG to lower quality JPG.

    Thanks to fellow forum members here, I found ImgBB and ExtraImage. These sites respectively will allow 16 MB and 20 MB file uploads and they maintain original file format, size and quality.

    ImgBB -- and ExtraImage

    Please add good free lossless image hosting websites in your comments below.

    Here are sample snapshots in PNG format from 4k video of my Eken H8 Plus. Note: files were lossless re-compressed in IrfanView and PNG-Optimizer. * Click on the small photos to see large 8 MP photos.

    -- more hi-res samples in this album - - and in this album -


    Also, BAYIMG -- -- lossy100 MB single image upload. Or upload multiple images in a ZIP file 100 MB to make an album. PNG images and large images are converted to JPG.

    -- here are samples --


    Also, -- -- lossless 25 MB uploads without registration/login, and 128 MB uploads with registration / login.


    Also, GIFYU - - lossless 100 MB uploads

    LensDump - - lossless 100 MB uploads. requires users to sign-in.

    PicHub - - lossless 50 MB uploads.
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    Update - ( similar to, but different than extraimage .net ). lossless 20 megabytes uploads.