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GoPrawned: Xanes DV-600 action camera review.

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  • GoPrawned: Xanes DV-600 action camera review.

    Xanes DV-600 waterproof action camera review.

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    Technical Specifications
    • SoC:
    GPCV3159 *
    JL (Jieli) AC1471 **
    • Megapixel count:
    12Mp *
    2Mp (1/4” CMOS Sensor) **
    • Lens: 130° FOV (diagonal) *
    • Display: 2-inch LCD TFT screen
    • Video resolutions:
    4K, [email protected] fps, [email protected]/30 fps, [email protected]/30 fps *
    1080p30, 720p30, 480p30 **
    • Video compression and format: MJPEG compression. AVI file format.
    • Connectors: microUSB
    • Wireless features: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
    • Additional features: UVC webcam
    • Storage: microSD up to 32GB
    • Battery:
    900mah, 3.7V Lithium Battery *
    Built-in, 3.7v Li-ion 400mAh **
    • Waterproofness: up to 20 m *
    • Dimensions: 75.5 mm * 49.4 mm * 42.4 mm **
    • Weight: 88 g **
    * - claimed in specs
    ** - measured / discovered in this review

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      Package and Accessories

      The package dimensions are 270 mm * 162 mm * 59 mm (~2.6 L of volume), the weight is 388 g. The outer package cover has colorful design and it has some detailed information about the camera features on the back side.

      The inner package part is made of thin transparent plastic and has two separate beds where the camera and accessories are placed in.

      The camera bundle has a good and practical selection of standard mounting elements and accessories including a handlebar mount. It does not include a waterproof protective box as the DV-600 camera has waterproof and rugged design.

      The user manual is in English and has all basic information needed to start working with the camera.

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        Camera Design

        The camera body is made of black plastic which is covered with soft-touch material. According to the package Xanes DV-600 camera can also be available in several different colors: red, yellow, green and blue. The camera body has a good grip allowing to hold it securely in one or two hands. The lens is in the center of the front panel and is protected with a sealing part bolted to the main body with eight screws. There are two holes sealed with gaskets located under the lens. These holes are required to transfer sound between the camera case and the atmosphere in order the microphone and the speaker work properly. The camera can be mounted on a tripod as it has a standard 1/4" nut located on the bottom side.


        The LCD screen has 2-inch diagonal. It’s viewing angles are pretty decent in vertical directions, but colors become inverted when the camera is turned to the sides. The screen brightness is good for shooting under different lighting conditions. The screen is not level with the back panel which slightly protrudes and protects it from damage.


        The camera has 4 buttons: two on the top and two on the left side. Side buttons are for menus navigation and the upper one turns on wifi connection with the long press. The left button on the top marked ‘M’ (menu) is the power button (long press) and switches between camera working modes. Another button on the top marked ‘O’ (ok) is the shutter button and is used for confirmation in camera settings.
        All buttons are very stiff that is a common problem for the most waterproof cams/cases. It has at least one positive aspect - virtually no accidental button press is possible to occur.

        Sounds and indicators

        The camera has a built-in speaker which plays startup and shutdown sounds, beeps when a button is pressed (if enabled in settings) as well as it’s used during video playback. The sound volume is very low as there are no through holes in camera case due to waterproof requirements. For the same reason the DV-600 body design does not allow using any additional parts for LED indicators, so there are none of them can be found here. This means a user has to use the screen or a mobile device with the app to see the camera status.

        Connectors and slots

        The microSD slot for cards up to 32GB and the microUSB socket are under the screw in cover sealed with a rubber ring. It has a coin slot which helps to tighten the cap. The card slot is located a little too deep to reach with fingertips, especially if your nails are short.


        The battery is non removable, its claimed capacity is 900mAh and it is enough for recording ~80 minutes of video in 1080p30 mode. The real battery capacity is revealed in ‘Teardown’ section below. The battery charges in 2 hours with 0.16A current. The camera starts video recording right after an external power source is connected. Unfortunately the user interface has no charging status indication and it shows the battery icon with current charge level when working on battery or blinking “external power” icon when powered by microUSB cable.
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          User interface and Settings menu

          The user interface for imitates devices based on Novatek NT9665x-series SoCs. The same approach can be seen for other cams with JL chips inside.

          Video mode.

          Photo mode.

          Playback mode.


          All settings are joined together in one menu with 5 pages. The purpose of each option is pretty clear so I list all available settings below with some notes where required.

          Video Resolution: 4K, 2K (30FPS), 1080P (60FPS), 1080P (30FPS), 720P (60FPS), WVGA (30FPS), 480P (30FPS).
          Cyclic Record: Off, 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes. Loop recording setting, 15min file recording limit if disabled.
          Recording: Off, On. Controls audio recording.
          Motion Detection: Off, On. Records a 20 sec clip after a motion is detected if enabled.
          Photo resolution: 12M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, 1M. The sensor resolution is 2 megapixels so only 2M is good to use.

          Self timer: Off, 2S, 10S.
          Continuous shooting: Off, 3, 5, 10. Burst mode.
          White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy. Tungsten, Fluorescent.
          Exposure: -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3. EV correction.
          Auto Power Off: Off, 10S, 20S, 30S.

          Beep Sound: Off, On. Button sounds. Almost useless option as the sounds are too quiet.
          Date Stamp: Off, On.
          Date/Time. These settings are synced with mobile app when connected.
          Language: Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Romanian, Thai.
          Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz. Anti-flicker.

          LCD Brightness: Off, 30S, 1 Minute, 2 Minutes. Screen saver.
          Screen Rotation: Off, On. Rotates not just the screen but the whole video allowing to record upside down.
          Delete Current: ok, cancel. File should be selected in playback mode.
          Delete All: ok, cancel.
          Lock One: ok, cancel.

          Ulock One: ok, cancel. Unlocks file.
          Default Setting: ok, cancel.
          Format: ok, cancel.
          Version. Displays firmware version.

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            Wireless and wired interfaces

            Wi-Fi connection

            The camera starts access point with 'wifi_camera_000000000000' SSID and '1234567890' password after the long press of the Up button. SSID and password can be changed with mobile app.

            USB PC connection

            The following selection prompt appears when the DV-600 is connected to a PC:
            ‘Mass Storage’
            ‘PC Camera’

            Everything is pretty clear here. The webcam resolution is 720p and the last mode is for charging/recording with an external power source connected.
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              Video modes and quality

              The DV-600 video modes are common for many JL based devices. ‘4K’, ‘2K(30FPS)’ and ‘1080P(60FPS)’ modes are in fact only plain 1080p30 even without any resize or interpolation applied. ‘1080P(30FPS)’ video mode is geometrically distorted 1440x1080p30. ‘720P(60FPS)’ is 720P30. MJPEG bitrate for all these mode is 20-25Mbps which is not overmuch for 1080p30 but is enough for 720p30. The rest two ‘WVGA(30FPS)’ and ‘480P(30FPS)’ modes are fair.

              The lens quality seems to be among weak spots of this camera. The picture looks blurry and the viewing angle is not very wide. So I decided to swap the default lens with something better.

              The audio is recorded with 8000kHz sample rate, PCM.

              Here is some information about ‘1080P(60FPS)’ footage:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	1080p60-info.gif
Views:	243
Size:	5.3 KB
ID:	10921

              Video samples

              Stock lens: ‘1080P(60FPS)’ / ‘720P(60FPS)’

              Xiaomi Yi lens: ‘1080P(60FPS)’ / ‘720P(60FPS)’
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              Camera teardown and Lens replacement

              In order to disassemble the Xanes DV-600 you’ll need to unscrew 10 screws at the back of the camera.

              Removing the front glass is also a good idea as I’m going to replace the lens and I want the new lens to be accessible for focus adjusting and easy cleaning. So 8 screws more to be screwed out.

              We still have another 4 screws holding the main PCB in place and 2 more that secure the lens holder. With total numbers of 24 screws this camera is a real catch for a good electric screwdriver like Xiaomi Wowstick. You can buy one (or a couple) with 20% discount here. The promo code is ‘Mid20b’.

              The Xanes DV-600 action camera is powered by JL AC1471 SoC made by ZhuHai Jieli Technology.

              The built-in battery capacity is 400mAh. Its dimensions are 40x30x4mm.

              The lens and its holder are made of plastic. I’m going to replace it with a better lens to see if it can improve image quality. The black bar inside the camera case is a wi-fi antenna which provides good signal level of wireless connection.

              1920x1080 1/4” Omnivision OV2732 CMOS Sensor with 2µm pixel size. It’s capable to record 1080p60 video.

              I replaced the default lens with one taken from a Xiaomi Yi Z23 action camera. The focus adjustment was done with the full-screen live view in the mobile app.
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                Software and Firmware

                Mobile Apps, Firmware Updates and Other downloads

                English user manual download link:

                Hackability and Firmware Mods

                The camera starts an FTP server when wi-fi is turned on. It can be used for file up-/downloading with the following settings:
                User: FTPX
                Password: 12345678
                Mode: passive

                The mobile app gets some camera information by accessing these files:

                There are no firmware hacks available for JL cams discovered yet.
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                  • Original waterproof design
                  • Rugged body
                  • Good wifi connection and mobile app
                  • 1/4” tripod mount

                  • Fake 4K, 2K and 60fps video modes
                  • Plastic lens (can be replaced with a M12 lens)
                  • No charging indication
                  • Stiff buttons
                  • Quiet speaker
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                    Where to buy

                    XANES DV-600 on Banggood for $49.89:
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                      Some images have broken fullsize links.

                      Change this:


                      to this:


                      In order to open detailed pics.
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