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Muson MC2 Cam Identification

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  • Muson MC2 Cam Identification

    I found this forum while seeking firmware for the Muson MC2 from soundpeats. The OEM was no help, but they did send me a photo of the settings screen that has features I want, that mine does not have. I don't know what chipset this uses, but I have torn down, but did not identify by the SOC logo or PCB markings. I searched the forum here with zero results. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    give more information:
    - disassemble the cam, and take photos of the insides, and post the photos here. * but do not post marketing photos from websites.
    - post here a link to the supplier or seller of the cam
    - post here anything more that might be useful for your purpose


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      Most likely it is based on iCatch SPCA6530 SoC and OV4689 sensor.


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        It appears to be identical to Eken H9R. Anyone know if there is firmware out there that supports driving mode? Or is it a hardware limitation as to why it does not exist currently?


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          just do NOT flash Eken firmware to your camera! because the camera will likely be bricked with a white-screen or worse.
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        I didn't...