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AIT/MSTAR/Sigmastar cams hacks.

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    Hey, thanks for the heads up. U-know "money talks, B.S. walks". But when both are put together, then everything is just really confusing. People give 5 ⭐ to any terrible product as long as the website pays lots of ðŸ’ē💰 to do that. 😉


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      Right 😞 got some bad news here. On Amazon Canada, search for Action Cam and OVER HALF the results on the first page are Mstar cams with tons of fake reviews.

      Feels kinda helpless to me. I don't exactly have the social reach to do anything about it.


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        DBPower, Akaso, COOAU and many other "brands" put "new" cameras into the old listings (using the same web site link) as DrekiTech said. It's all too common on Amazon's, Aliexpress and probably other big websites. So, for example this "brand" COOAU removed one Mstar camera from Amazon and put up another Mstar camera. Only the body of the camera is different - in the second photo to the right. At least the (fake) reviews are sort of accurate. Get the joke? haha ðŸĪŠ

        old "new" Click image for larger version

Name:	61ImaJ8bOEL._SL1001_.jpg
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Size:	78.1 KB
ID:	16787


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          Reviews on AliExpress and banggood are similar too ... You start reading ... and then there's some sort of reference of their use, and they are clearly talking about a different product - not even a cam ðŸĪĢ


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            Vantop Moment 4U - touch screen AIT/Mstar camera - @Amazon US
            Sensor - possibly Sony IMX179
            LCD - rear touch LCD, but no front LCD

            support for external analog microphones - 2.5mm jack (not 3.5mm), it's under the micro-HDMI port
            -- *Edit: yes, a mic was included in the set
            -- another generic mic one costs about $3 to $5 USD - or

            Still testing it and making video samples ...

            Click image for larger version  Name:	71aSh5U2K7L.jpg Views:	2 Size:	158.5 KB ID:	18785Click image for larger version  Name:	t7udw_i_krxRAmk_aVAa8aq4QsIaqw9t7YT5wg-6LsE_SFFLzQP5-fwKzpQ0RDwgPf0-z31orxOcHm5McXlmjQAaReuCoAyiGCz25vesNPXX1aw5Urvqk9xvf77F-FMDf-pZ1g_FjeFx8x2FjhO7Sm3-VgauyENwBBGgbPy2QqTgnvFEmDmD4SLEJy0ReFxk0JXDx2Ex6PX7mB--WijBUgrZMOSxT-nFymsTRGpzAEJwhDgh4BHlyPJjtBGG-UT Views:	2 Size:	284.8 KB ID:	18786Click image for larger version  Name:	5w-CmGkVhNa7gVPkJ0_N0Kv4cfGzx-FPQQsHQ9jHEbFBXu5Fl-_MfoPjxv7lNTeoOFXHcwx65CcMW_Gl6fNg1Cf-JUKH68wGW_5tVNcbZXDdVy7RvV_U1NZXS3g6g7QYcPz15PEDNC5FFrxaZXZLWZTQBmfQnQqTwd1q1dcwnd66eV3t1yRC5XopFU9zHOslG1X-T5lnj1iteqrE-issIfwWeKgSJnAWjNh6mglPwZlgL2APulM7bl5tBNdxviS Views:	2 Size:	319.4 KB ID:	18787
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            • petesimon
              petesimon commented
              Editing a comment
              other than the touch-screen feature, the camera is too similar to the LeadEdge LE7000 that I had owned, but sold months ago >

              so, I decided to not do any more testing and not make any video samples. i will soon return this Moment 4U to Amazon.

              adios muchachos

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            Campark ACT74A is the same, with a normal LCD screen. @Amazon US
            At first, it appears to be an improved ACT74 Allwinner V3 camera.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	3ZtQNwmgbJEgZzzW1gpVeD-4hzRgF3WdwhKOp6svfjNoyLGpiDVIaY4wTZNPO_Rt__CpOwUIcJW7QD9lNUz2JDOY0AGb2f7XYS9nI-7auMdkgcx5-Y1AunBcnOGA8FXrtNrkx1A2_Hn7AqlCtrX2YkZwIL8CnqjQR6k8x_BdVBg8ZS0UefmIuSK8E7AuUHsamPw6QWgKme-vhdJQgB_E_SMDawJABfXDr0AVJSDOftQqb5-6VtqC67PfPE6qsDX
Views:	126
Size:	74.7 KB
ID:	18833Click image for larger version

Name:	RReqz6FKy23yMaYSt_VNEnbs5dpM8TLg5ANltbfFbk3QG-IHyYnYH7mi9LYBprZ_zi0CvMZgybGwl82Sk4QWhcx5tUXWDMvPMfbxaXmOV9cPbyPWGUPyGG5ONYttbx8x2fGQqF8LAemh3PMqFzKcqwRkSF96bIekAXDRbIS7eS7VEMdula5AAGikvWLbCmZFlfAwe2hdLTJbBaW7Oe-x2VVMk3BpHYwJCIWe7PaX__YekR_csNz5LPFnJUWPfkr
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Name:	8h25YxDuK6x5MUyVTvkfVcYFvmQPEj9VuWy_32epeO9_b2BhuIvVdMVnZt7kkd8b7Ah0gMFl2S1brre8i0IuadZx-cfc35D8gr9j6gRKCPtA8nrAZOW-hfO3gVkYgR75rJCWSyo0oz67SxdR3UeHWZa9htr6ItSEli2ghexllfuyFWBhBcVD6lVIS1LrMoFX6hVlAQZ9ne18c96sdAm-c3TU9gjhUgq5l5KBHnVN3KoVPJDUMyEFzgG-eZPG9zz
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Name:	MjXqQHbDPRNkLyNOwgiz490LnJrQE4VDZH5JRZUumkkr-xK9Rii_sDwhYXvHENfkT0hVIrHO6imkDFFhOSdbWN1_4HCz2h3m-uXuo06jzJTWTTjvzlJtiLVElsRoXmVC-ORzkh65yNVD3fug8U-4BnwQuWt6P6qIpScyOyP6OTSOHqULRbaVB0msRCFEjS_9OyeAZ7g41vaG7MnH8X0FrXP5xhWrd9WP3So9vEtt8FrbZzjPkbj8pwzXHU5Jo-a
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ID:	18834\
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