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Akaso V50 Elite bricked with less than one hour use

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  • Akaso V50 Elite bricked with less than one hour use

    I recently bought an Akaso V50 Elite action camera from a legit-looking ebay seller, at a good price (under £120 UK). First impressions were good and initial tests produced decent footage. I used it for less than one hour total.
    Next time I switched it on, the Akaso logo flashed onto the screen and disappeared, leaving a blank screen. The camera subsequently did not respond to any buttons, and has remained bricked.
    I negotiated a refund with the seller, who tried to persuade me to accept various derisory offers before agreeing to my request, allowing me to keep the camera. I then bought a replacement from another dealer, so I now have plenty of accessories, including a double set of batteries.
    I emailed Akaso customer services, and to cut a long story short, they sent me a .rar file containing items that I copied to the camera's sd card, rebooted etc according to instructions, but nothing changed.
    1. Does anyone have any suggestions, short of returning the camera to Akaso USA (I am in the UK) ?
    2. Is there any chance of dismantling the camera and flashing a chip? (It looks like it could be prised apart)
    3. Has anyone else had this or a similar bricking issue with these cameras? (I suspect it is a badged Thieye)

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    Are you familiar with Ask for help there!


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      It's not a dashcam...


      • petesimon
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        Try this. Recovery mode might be possible by doing these steps. I use these steps for a Thieye E7 and a Vikcam V50:
        0. Get a proper firmware file for an Akaso V50 Elite (not another camera) from or by Akaso support email.
        1. install " icatch_v2000.exe " drivers file -
        2. REMOVE BATTERY from camera. very important!
        3. be sure that USB cable is DISconnected first, and press and HOLD OK (shutter) button
        4. connect usb cable to camera and computer, while still holding OK (shutter) button
        5. continue to hold OK (shutter) button, and quickly press the power (mode) button one time.
        6. you should see two new sunplus icatch usb devices in Device Manager in Windows. Now release all buttons.
        7. See this PDF file - - and run FRM.exe tool

        people in some forums that are not titled "action camera" still talk about action cameras 😉
        for example --
        and here's a manual for the Akaso V50 Elite --
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      • TwoBlues
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        Dashcamtalk also has action cam discussion

      • AussieKev
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        TwoBlues True. There are action cam sections on their Forum and quite helpful ... many members from here also use it too.

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      Thanks. That looks helpful, but I am using Linux. I may be able to borrow a Windows PC to try it.


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      Yes, I must get to grips with WINE. I've used Linux for many years, but never played with WINE.


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        Pretty sure the Akaso V50 is a rebadged H9R
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        • nutsey
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          Akaso V50 = ThiEYE T5 Edge = Sunco SO95/6

        • petesimon
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          iCatch/Sunplus SPCA6350 chip is in a H9R. but a different and more powerful chip is in a Akaso V50 / Vikcam V50 / etc.

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        You're right ... Sorry I was thinking of the Akaso ek7000, got the numbers mixed up