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Which one to choose? Sj8, 8se, v50

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  • Which one to choose? Sj8, 8se, v50

    Hi guys! I've been comparing actions cams lately and have been meeting your nice forum where I can see nice discussions and mods. So I decided to join and ask you about my next purchase 😊

    I hesitate between:
    Firefly s8e, I like that it can ve modded, that reviews are great, I understand it have eis until 1080p60 which is not that bad, I don't really care about 4k.
    Akaso v50 elite (or pro?) didn't check too much about it, but it seems except for 4k eis, the firefly is better?
    Sj8 pro: seems better for most aspect, but more expensive. However I red in some parts that 1080p is beter on 8se,what's your opinion about it? I also like about 8se that it has more buttons.
    The sj9 spark seems great, but too expensive 😢

    I'm open to other options too.

    Thanks guys!

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    Ah and one thing I'm asking myself in general:the external. Microphone cannot be used with the waterproof case right?


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    What are you planning to shoot?
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    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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      I want something polyvalent, shoot in waterparks or rivers or waterfalls, shoot in moto, shoot put on my dog with harness. I don't care so much about 4k,but I like to shoot high fps and to have stabilization.


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        SJ8 Pro, or Firefly 8SE. Good SoC (cpu)'s and high fps Sony IMX sensors are in both cameras. Also research which firmware version for each camera fits your needs.

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      From. What I see even with sj9 spark I will not shoot higher fps with eis (it seems eis is limited to 60fps in 1080p too)
      How are sj8 pro/ sj9 sparl photo/video quality compared to 8se?


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        Ah, something I also want to do is timelapse and long exposures. But I think they all support this. Thr more I read the more the firefly seems to be my choice.


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          No advice then? I just ordered firefly 8se, I can still cancel if it's bad choice ;-) thanks


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          I will say this. I just got the Firefly 8SE. if you control everything by hand, and DO NOT connect it to WIFI and the Firefly App, it is a great little camera. BUT, if you connect it to the so you can see what the camera sees, the camera will only record 19-20 seconds of video (whether you hit record on the app or push the button on the camera), it then stops recording for 5 seconds, then automatically starts recording for another 19-20 seconds, and continues on and on. then you will have no control over the camera at all until you pull the battery. this happened with the app installed on an android and an I-phone. No matter what I did, this happened. did you encounter the same? the app hasnt been updated in over a year, and firefly doesnt answer emails.


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            I actually receive the camera, and can't even get it connected to the camera :'( also cannot flash the modx firmware... i'll ask there