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  • Camera features wishlist

    I'm shopping for action cameras for a project (the project might require 8 or 9 cameras).

    I'm quite lost in this zoo of cameras.
    I have a couple of questions:

    - What are the best sensors for low light conditions under 50-60USD? Is there a big difference in terms of sensitivity between cheap/less cheap/modded camera?
    - What is the most 'hackable' and popular with the crowd in this community (I don't want to feel alone)?
    - Is there any actioncam that could be used easily as a surveillance camera? i.e. broadcasting a standard RTP stream for programs like zoneminder.

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    What video resolution and framerate are required for your project?
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      Given that it's in relation to home security and would involve a lot of storage...
      The video resolution, frame rates or even color accuracy are not as important as sensitivity.
      720p 30fps would be ok.

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