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Multi-action cam recording at 120fps streaming thru wifi?

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  • Multi-action cam recording at 120fps streaming thru wifi?

    Good day everybody,

    Been searching all over for a way to do multi-camera streaming via wifi that connects to broadcasting software like OBS Studio or vMix using action cameras.

    Think amateur karate tournament with 3 action cameras placed in the corners of the fighting area recording at the same time at 120fps (720p or 1080p). Then thru OBS we can do slo-mo instant replays and stuff.

    What action cameras and software controller, and/or firmware would I need? Is this possible in the available hw/sw?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Wifi and in HD? Tens of thousands (see NFL for that kind of setup) up front costs. Wired, though, you could probably do. For doing replay, you need the higher Vmix license and it sounds like you're wanting to save money so let's go with OBS. You'd also want high-speed capture cards to handle this, google those, there's a few. For the distance you're talking about you'll also probably want to get sdi cabling, so add converters. Then you have to have a pretty good piece of hardware to handle the streams, recording, slow motion work, etc. We ended up using a dell r720 to get enough pci-e slots to handle 2 aja cards plus a blackmagic decklink duo and a GPU. 60fps hd can be done cost-effectively, get a couple used nyrius pro units from ebay or craigslist and use those. Wire one up from primary angle for good measure.

    The original Yi action cams can do 720p120, and output 60fps HDMI. Record the 120fps and then you can do recap later.


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      We're also trying to find a camera we can hook up to USB that does 120fps/240fps HD capture that I can also copy files from while it's recording. Would also be ideal to have a smaller max file size (4gb kind of large for that sort of work).


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        Thanks for the advice. So the original Yi action cams can record 120fps even at USB connection, or do we have to hack/do custom firmware?