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  • Help identify "4K" cam

    Hi Forum!

    New guy here.
    So I got lured into buying one of these generic Chinese "4k", "full HD" super duper Action Cams.
    Obviously, when it arrived, I wasn't too impressed. But then again, what did I expect getting for $35.99?
    Anyway...I was browsing around looking for ways to improve my experience and found this forum. So maybe you can help me identifying this cam and maybe even point me into the right direction of modding it to a usable state.
    I bought it as a "Hybon UC7"

    I stripped it down and attached some pics of its innards.

    Any idea what this is and if there is some way of getting the firmware off?

    I read in another thread that it can be identified as a General Plus chipset when it connects to the GoPlus app. It does not connect. It also won't connect to XVM or any other Wifi app I tried. I connect the phone to the camera's wifi and then nothing...

    So if you have any thoughts, I appreciate your help.