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Identify older camera - 1080p Sports Cam 2.0 inch screen

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  • Identify older camera - 1080p Sports Cam 2.0 inch screen

    I have been searching the forums and can't find my camera on there. I know it's as cheap as they come and am not expecting anything great, but worth a try. I picked up 14 of these for $50 all brand new and for what I do, the little accessories and cables(kids lose PS4 cables a lot) are worth that even if the cameras are crap. One of my uses for them is when my kids friends go to the beach with us letting them take them out snorkeling or paddle boarding without a lot of fear of losing or breaking them, the SD cards will be worth more than the cameras. I know they are not wifi, they are stated as having 1080p 15fps and 720p 30fps right now I am trying to charge a couple of them up to play with them, but fear some of the batteries might be shot. I have GoPros and a couple other cheap cams so I know what I'm not going to have with them. The firware version is: SJ5000x2031.v142 And I've taken a lot of pictures. They are most likely knock off of a knock off, but worth screwing around with. I'm hoping they have a firmware that can be upgraded for a little better, but if not no loss. I ran it at 720p and it was pretty poor quality, but usable for kids playing around. Any info at all is greatly appreciated.

    DSC_0005 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0006 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0007 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0008 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0009 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0010 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0011 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0012 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0013 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0014 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0016 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0017 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0018 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0019 by Ian, on Flickr
    DSC_0020 by Ian, on Flickr

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    If it helps at all, ALL 3 video formats (1080/720/VGA) show in details as: 640X480 30fps Data Rate 11980 kbps Total Bitrate 12236 kbps and it saves as AVI files

    EDIT: More info-after reading in this site. According to Device Manager it registers as "buildwin" and the AVI file codec is MJPEG it also has a 4:3 ratio. After reading I doubt there is anything that can be done at all. It seems a cheap chipset with some bootleg copied firmware, at this point I'd be happy getting it 16:9 I've played with one of them and the quality is ok enough to play with, but after reading so much on here I am not expecting much in the way of better at all.

    On another note could I do something with one of them on the lenses to make it be able to see IR light and make a night vision camera?
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      thank you for the in-depth description and photos. i like that you linked your photos via Flickr. Well, all I know is that the camera seems to be a generic $15 USD, "ebay special" camera (maybe for kids) 👼

      unsure what exactly the chipset is, but it's probably GeneralPlus or cheaper / lower power. and sensor is yeah 1 megapixel or lower. don't know about firmware ... never seen any firmware files posted online for these cameras.

      if your're looking for a basic action camera for around $30 USD, sometimes $25, that can make decent looking 1080p and 2k video, then go for a Goldfox F60 or RICH F60 from Aliexpress. An Allwinner V3 chipset and a 8 megapixel Sony IMX sensor are used inside. I have ordered, owned and used these cameras. They're quite okay for the price.

      Here are photo and video samples from some Allwinner V3 cameras - ~and~

      Product links are here ~and~ . Also search for "F60 action camera" in Aliexpress or ebay and look for Allwinner V3 in the Specifications section. Be sure to use a fast good quality Class 10 SD card, 8 GB or bigger.

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