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    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a new action camera, and would very much appreciate your advice. Here is what I want from it, in no particular order:

    0) Available for $150 or less on (I'm not able to reliably receive stuff from Gearbest, AliExpress, etc), including accessories (see below).

    1) 4K mode available, with 2K/1080p/720p selectable;

    2) X265 / H265 / HEVC encoding, with X264/H264/MPEG4 as an option.

    3) Good, clear image in diverse lighting conditions;

    4) good battery duration, >= 1h continuously recording (but with its back screen powered down) on a single battery at 4K would be ideal.

    5) Stable and reliable (ie, no locking up in the middle of recording as many people complain about the Gopro Hero 7 -- I use mine in a chest strap to film my hikes and in my dashboard to film my driving, and can't be checking it all the time -- I must be reasonably sure that, as long as there's enough battery and free space in its memory card, that whatever is happening in front of it is getting recorded).

    6) Able to work with the micro SD cards I already have: Samsung (MB-ME128GA/AM) 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select;

    7) some kind of image stabilization would be nice, but not essential.

    8) comes with the usual accessories, or have them available on Amazon so that, along with the camera, can be purchased in total for $150 or less: 2 batteries, 2-slot USB charger, waterproof case, the various gopro-like attachments like for helmet, chest strap, car dash, etc).

    I do not need: touch screen (in fact, would prefer one totally operable via normal buttons), wifi (never used it in any of my cameras).

    For the record, I currently own a Soocoo C10S bought in 2016 and an Akaso V50Pro bought earlier this year; the Soocoo was a great camera for me despite lacking 4K and X265 and being limited to maximum 32MB SD cards, and if it was still available on Amazon, I would be buying another one. The Akaso crapped on me 3 times already (first by coming without functioning x265, then by losing the touchscreen after the manufacturer sent me the wrong firmware, and finally by locking up at power on for months until finally, out of nowhere, deciding to get back to working) so it's clear I can't depend on it.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions/tips/comments/etc.

    -- Durval.

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    I'd try finding something based on the Hi3559 V200 + IMX377 hw solution.

    This XTU X1 (Hi3556 AV100 + IMX377) camera is beyond your price limit (I guess -$20 coupon is available now) but it can record at 4k60 and is 5m waterproof as is.
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      Hi @nusey,

      Thanks for your response. I found this one which seems to check all the boxes (or at least the more obvious ones), and for just $70:
      Dragon Touch Vista 5 Action Camera Native 4K 20MP Ultra HD Touch Screen EIS 4X Zoom Remote Control WiFi Waterproof Camera Support External Mic 2x 1350mAh Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kit (Black)

      What do you think?

      -- Durval.