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Supplemental cams for race car recommendation

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  • Supplemental cams for race car recommendation

    I am working on a race car which already has an AIM system for data and video with data overlays. It is a single cam and I am looking for some supplemental cams for coaching purposes.

    For instance, I'd like a pedal cam, driver view cam and rear bumper cam.

    1080p is fine; so is 30Hz.

    It should be able to start recording on external power and stop recording and write/close files on external power loss.

    It should have a clock that can be set accurately and the ability to burn in the date/time on the recording video.

    It should be able to record for an hour at a time. if it splits files, there should be no overlap or underlap so the files can be easily combined.

    It should be able to withstand the heat of a race car cockpit and direct sunlight.

    It should be able to use the clock to write the starting file timecode (rather than 00:00:00 like most cams)

    The Mobius cameras may work, although they don't seem to properly split files for easy reassembly. The original Mobius has overlap and the Mobius mini has underlap.

    A bonus would be 12v, rather than USB power

    Easy access for downloading video or removing memory cards.

    Thanks in advance for the thoughts!

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    Firefly Split 4k (not Mini) with a custom (3d printed?) case seems to be pretty close to your requests.
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