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  • Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam

    The "Kidizoom Action Cam" is a crappy toy aimed at children 4-8. It has a few games and built-in image effects.
    Max resolution is 640x480. Even photo quality looks awful. I would compare it to a cheap 2000s webcam.

    It is based on GeneralPlus. Firmware updates are done via the "Learning Lodge" software. I reverse engineered some of it,
    here are my findings:

    - You can obtain the firmware file by turning off the power switch before unplugging camera after firmware update. Code is ARM.
    - Creating a KIDIZOOM.EID shows the message "Bad EID" and puts the camera into an infinite loop. I'm not sure what this file is used for.
    - Before the firmware is flashed, it uses an md5 checksum to make sure it was not tampered with.

    I assume this is the same with most of the other Kidizoom products (smartwatch, other crappy cameras)
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