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  • What did I get in my box


    I'm wondering if some of you could help me a little bit.. i bought a 4k action camera from china and did not expect much of it.. and nor did I expect any FW upgrade and so on..
    But i ran into an unforseen challenge, my camera has no video out function witch I can find.. and i was wondering maybe I could flash it with a custom firmware. The only problem i got is that i don't have a slightest clue of witch brand my cam is.. the only hint i get is that I can connect to the cam via Wi-fi on the soocoo app "Sportlook", but i have never got it to work properly i nthe app. the second is in my settings under "Brand" it's states creator "Sportlook" and thats about all i know.. Any tips and tricks on this one?

    Best regards

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    hello and welcome toroddandre . Would you please take a photo of the front and top of the camera. Also power on the camera and take photo of the rear screen when it's on and showing information. Additionally, can you describe what shows up in Windows Device Manager (or Apple system info application) when you connect the camera by USB to your computer? That will help us a lot.
    By the way, usually cheap video action cameras do not have hardware to support AV (analog TV) out. Sometimes onlyl digital HDMI out is available. However, some real Soocoo cameras support AV analog out through USB port and the same goes for most Hawkeye Firefly cameras.


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      Thanks for the reply, i'm sorry i'm a bit late to respond.

      Yes I will take pictures right away.

      I noticed that the camera could be used as a pc-cam when connected to the computer, it comes up as an option on the camera when the usb is pluged in..
      i will attach a picture of this to.


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        This is the link to the pics of the camera.. it is identified as Android on my computer

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          Okay thanks for the photos. those are very helpful. There seems to be no brand on or in the camera itself, but maybe the seller weakly branded the packaging or the name o of the sale-transaction (which I can't now). But basically, the manufacturer/seller made the camera body and boot up logo appear as an Eken cam (such as an H9). Well, your camera chip is Allwinner V3 (but possibly V3s). Because I see SL609 and 20160815V01, your firmware is probably the same as Crane (be unique boot logo) 2016-08-15 (shows 20160815V1.0) and red color = Sitronix ST7789/v LCD, but not sure. Please make a backup copy of your firmware and share it here so we can check it's details. Use this guide and video on page 1 post #9. But first... update the 'Android' device drivers, and use these drivers but if those don't work then try other drivers in this online folder You can find more firmware on page 1 post #8 of the "Allwinner V3 + Sony ..." topic thread.

          As for wifi apps, you can try these many apps that I have collected.

          For my F60B (Crane) and my Andoer (fuxin) cameras, I found that Wimius CAM and HotShot app work best.

          click this link for full size -
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            Thanks a lot for replies, i will follow your tips asap


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              Here is my backupfiles..



              • petesimon
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                thanks for the firmware backup file. you may flash other 'Crane' firmware from the other topic thread to see if video quality would be improved. but I think there is %90 chance that video quality will stay the same. also, after any flash, be sure to verify that all functions/features work. for example: sometimes wifi stops working when a newer firmware is used. hehe. So you may follow video tutorials in this topic thread

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              Is there any detailed description on what the different Fw will improve? And are there any hope for tvout? 😊


              • petesimon
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                detailed description - no.
                i'm not sure, but I think you would need to use a HEX binary editor to open .so library files and binary executable files under /system folder (in 2-system.img file) to check things like: noise reduction, bitrates, auto-white balance, contrast, brightness, ISO speed, etc, etc.

                tv out (analog out) - no.
                hardware does not have this. firmware (software) will not change this.
                you would need a powered hdmi to analog tv out converter.

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              Ok thank for replies, a converter is rather poor solution when its intended for fpv flight😊 but ive learned a lot.. thank for replies


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                If you really want a nice videc camera that also has analog TV AV out for FPV, then look into these cams:
                Soocoo C30 (or better model)
                Firefly 6S (or better model)
                SJCAM4000 (or better model)
                Runcam (1)
                - or something similar from
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