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How much this camera really cost?

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  • How much this camera really cost?

    Forgive for these posts of mine, if they have no interest, sorry. But maybe it can interest someone or opening up a debate on what we pay and we get for, it can be. I'm going to refer to camera Q5H unbranded, I know that it is HdKing.
    I want to commenting here, some price data from a camera of which, at least I, know few reviews and very few videos on the internet about its operation, any of "opening the package", but little more (few demo videos or comparative little or nothing).
    I had two alternatives to buy an expensive reputed camera, (not a gopro, but a xiaomi or so) either enter a low cost camera...I chose the second option, a cheap camera, which I read not much, but input, if it offered half of what they promised, was not wrong to start.
    I searched in tinydeal and I found € 37.36 a "wonder of technology": * Real imported 6G lens (🤔), 25 mm diameter
    * 4K 25 fps (or in other places 30!! fps 😍)
    * Sensor cmos😎SONY 179, Allwinner V three (not one or two, not: V3)
    * Zooom 4X (great!!!)
    * 90 min of use (by only 900 mAh battery)
    * 2" HD screen
    * Car DVR, White balance, ISO adjust, drama variable... exposure...
    * Smart antishake mode
    * Multiple shotting mode
    * Motion detection
    * Screen rotation
    In one places, more, in another, less, but by this price, irresistible for start.
    I did purchase March 31, after three days later, they write me saying that the article is very popular and receive it back again in three days. Two days later, he tells me that when they have the product, they will send it to me, if I want to wait. At that time, it appears in the page how exhausted and product discontinued in the market.
    Looking for the same article, fascinated in other places and the cheapest, aliexpress, a 48 - €51 (no longer a low-cost, for starters, €13 more!). I decided refound my money from tinydeal (impatient by waiting)
    This is that I firt buyed and finally refunded:

    This the Price at

    This, the Price on aliexpress. (This is that i am waiting for receive at € 52)...impatient to receive this WONDERFUL(?) camera😜 !!!

    Well, twelve seventeen days later, this is the new price on tinydeal: much expensive tan past weeks, double Price!!! 🤔

    Finally, the price that indicates the factory as market price is (as you can see at hdking page) is $ 28 (so cheap!!)
    So, what is the real price of the camera?. For these prices, you can buy "brand cameras",... one, can not think or what to do in the end. Actually this thing is worth these prices?
    What you think of all this, it is a dizzy or have things more clear than I?
    ...And thanks for reading😘

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    all is just marketing! prices seem to be just any arbitrary number, without and relation/correlation to cost of production, or quality, or after sales' support... etc...
    i think all the basic Allwinner V3 cameras that have only one LCD should be priced at around $35 USD.