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Help 4k ultra HD (fake sj9000)

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  • Help 4k ultra HD (fake sj9000)

    I bought a cam for my daughter
    it's abismal quality from the ebay but she only 8 so not too bothered..
    but I can't connect WiFi I try the qr code from box
    The WiFi connects to phone but app doesn't pick it up
    ​​​​​​​Tried many apps I want to try firmware upgrade but can't identify what the camera is ..can anybody help please .. or alternatively tell me where is a good cheap camera that will work with WiFi etc

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    maybe you can try the autoexec get info script tp ID it


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      I think I have, more or less, the same camera, because the wifi menu display is exactly the same.
      I also have that problem with the wifi.
      I have tried to backup the firmware but there is no way to put the camera in debugging mode. In the settings there is no way to do it.
      When I connect to the PC i charging or rec-mode, there is no new device in the dispositives management.
      Someone know a way to put the camera, is a faje SJ9000 in debugging mode?


      • petesimon
        petesimon commented
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        i got an idea from the method about how to update an Amkov AMK7000s camera. Disassemble the camera just enough.... remove the battery, and find two solder points on the motherboard that are not connected (not bridged), and use first use tweezers or scissors to bridge the two points together, and second connect USB cable to camera and to computer while still bridging the two points. This procedure puts the Amkov camera into recovery (flash rom update) mode.

        PDF document of that idea is here!DIhChQyZ!4j8p28_PE...z-mCZwUlkgPSHo

      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
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        Seems like it can be updated from a memory card. You'll need to put 'UpdateFW.txt' empty file to the root folder with 'IDV4.BRN' fw update.